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Women Cell
Complaints Committee Members
1. Smt. Purnima Saikia, Programme Executive Chairperson, 9864030009(M)
2. Shri D. N. Tamuly, ADP Member
3. Shri G. D. Sarangi, Asstt. Engineer Member
4. Smt. Amrita Pathak, Co-ordinator (North-East Network- A Social Activist)
5. Syed I. Hussain, Head Clerk Member
6. Smt. Indira Amma, Production Assistant Member
7. Smt. Chandana Halder, Production Assistant Member
8. Mrs. Sandhya Singh, Production Assistant Member
9. Smt. O. Nibediata Devi, Engg. Asstt. Member
10. Smt. Jyoti Bhowmik, UDC Member
11. Syeda Momtaza Begum, Tailor Member
12. Smt. Piyali Sengupta, LDC Member
13. Smt. Nirala Bala Baishya, LDC Member
14. Smt. Ratna Kalita, Safaiwala Member
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