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About PPC (NE)

The Background:

  Doordarshan set up PPC (NE) to provide a common platform for showcasing the region through its programmes specially aimed at integrating and interacting among the diverse  groups  to enhance the bond of togetherness under the umbrella of the Indian nationhood and marching ahead towards  view of the North-East to the nation.


               PPC (NE), Doordarshan, Guwahati is the platform from which Doordarshan is offering uninterrupted programme service through the 24 Hours North-East Satellite Service.


Chronology of Development of PPC (NE):

1.       Commissioned on                                                                        01/11/1990

2.       Commencement of transmission for 1 (one ) hour

( 1700 HR to 1800 HR)                                                                 03/05/1993

3.       Formally inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Union I & B Minister, Shri K.P. Singdeo on         06/04/1994

4.       24 Hours North-East Satellite Service commenced on  27/12/2000

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